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  • Steel & acrylic kinetic sculpture
Height: 6 meters
Installed permanently at Puke Ariki Museum, New Plymouth, New Zealand

The Firkee Wala - In My Heart Of Eternal Childhood (Installed permanently)

Product Description

6 meters tall steel & acrylic kinetic sculpture by artists Lipika Sen & Prabhjyot Majithia, permanently installed in New Plymouth, New Zealand in October 2014.
Project collaborators: Meco Engineering, NZ for Kinetika 2014

The Firkee Wala - the artists' story:
Spinning, twirling, dancing, swooshing with the slightest wind, this whimsical sculpture preserves and re-enacts precious, incidental “kinetic” moments from childhood… when the alleyway in India came alive with a zillion buzzing joys-in-motion and we ran to see the Firkee-Wala peddling his colourful, spinning swarm of toy pinwheels. Here we recreate and re-experience the larger than life, jaw-dropping awe felt by our wee childhood souls. For this sculpture, the irresistible “firkees”- pinwheels have grown up in size, material and grandeur, thus returning to us the innocent gaping eyes of childhood.

Now, the larger than life figure of the Firkee Wala pedals his wheels of joy right in the centre of a New Zealand city, bringing smiles to Kiwis of all sizes. Erected at the Puke Ariki Museum, waterfront by the Public Arts Trust in New Plymouth, Taranaki.

Firkee Wala artists Lipika Sen & Prabhjyot Majithia featured on the front page of the Taranaki Daily News, NZ:




Product Videos

firkeewala film (01:22)
The Firkee Wala - In My Heart of Eternal Childhood by Lipika Sen & Prabhjyot Majithia 6 meter high kinetic sculpture at Puke Ariki Museum, Taranaki, New Zealand
  • firkeewala film
    The Firkee Wala - In My Heart of Eternal Childhood by Lipika S...



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