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The Tricky Box 8 Tour 2014 - 2015


An art project supported by Creative New Zealand, The Tricky Box 8 first invited viewers to find their story at the New Zealand Garden and Arts Festival, Nov 2014, engaging over 20,000 visitors with its mesmeric powers. Since then the work has been invited to various art shows, music festivals, galleries and events. Including the Sundaise Music festival, Waihi, NZ in March 2015, the Earth Beat Festival, Auckland, NZ  in April 2015, a fund-raising event for Shama women’s refuge, Hamilton and a story-telling workshop for teenagers in New Zealand. Most recently, artists Lipika Sen & Prabhjyot Majithia have been invited to share the Tricky Box series at Ted X Tauranga, 2015. 

Artists: Lipika Sen & Prabhjyot Majithia
Medium: Curious, multi-media experiential art installation
Material: Wood, steel, original drawings in acrylic, sound: music & voices (artists own)
Dimensions:1080mm x 500mm x 500mm

To experience the Tricky Box 8 effect click below:


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