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www.hichki.com featured in the Sunday Guardian


Celebrating creativity, Inhaling the Spirit artists Lipika & Prabhjyot, along with our co-founders and creators are also behind www.hichki.com - our tribute to creativity.... featured in the Sunday Guardian as the Website of the Week...

Happy to share the Sunday Guardian article about Hichki. Click here:)

Website pays tribute to creativity of all “unlike-minded” people

While searching for a quick cure for hiccups on the Web, I stumbled upon a rather curious site called Hichki. No, it did not cure my hiccups but it did offer me an avenue to share my quirky side with the world. Originally meant to showcase the works of its founder members, from India and New Zealand, this website is a tribute to creativity. With the tag line 'If you are born a human, you must be creative', Hichki provides people a platform to interact with 'unlike-minded' artists, scientists, industrialists, musicians, doctors and people from every other profession that needs you to be creative. The website's bright yellow home page has tabs like comics, literary, arts, entertainment, lifestyle, business and social, which cover a wide range of content. The subcategories, cleverly set on the home page itself, under each of these tabs come with interesting titles. For instance, under Lifestyle you'll find Adam weds Madam (cartoon snapshots from a typical Indian wedding), Flip Flops Wet Togs (articles on travel destinations), The Bath (witty modern posters on health and fitness), The Fights (funny illustrations on all things sport) and Tongue Twisters (food and drink articles). Every submission is copyrighted and comes with information about the creation, the creator and sales information. Visitors can buy or commission art/content from Hichki or even use the website to promote your event or product. Just complete a simple submission form for your articles, anecdotes and experiences, or email your photos or film, to be featured on the site. This colosseum of creativity definitely allows you to flex your creative muscles and, from what I've read and seen so far, it seems like a great way to add a few laughs to your stressful day


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