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Tricky Box 5 - The Curious Indian Water Well shows at NZ Sculpture on Shore 10th Biennale, Auckland 2014


 “Tricky Box 5 – The Curious Indian Water Well” by artists Lipika Sen & Prabhjyot Majithia was showcased at one of New Zealand's most spectacular shows of outdoor art: the NZ Sculpture on Shore 10th Biennale 2014 at Fort Takapuna, Auckland amongst works by the country's most esteemed artists, selected from innumerable proposals from across the country by acclaimed international curator, Rob Garrett.
A multi-media sculptural experiential installation
Material: Stone, corten steel, mild steel, timber, sound
Dimensions: 2200mm x 4500mm x 4500mm

 It engaged thousands of visitors to peer into its unexpected depths...
“And then it licked up
The very last drop
The insatiable tongue
Of the hungry city
Sharing the poignant story of women in rural India who have to trudge for miles to collect water, it brings alive the pathos of their journey through original poetry and song, composed and sung by the artists. The real surprise, however, is reflected in the overwrought expressions of the two corten iron sculptures peeping into the well. Sadly, there is not a drop of water in sight. What is revealed in its disconcerting depths is the cloying greed of a ruthless city(sculpted with steel). 
Peep into theTricky Box 5 below:

Followed keenly by the NZ press as well, the work engaged viewers, artists and critics alike, inviting them into its story. While “making a powerful political statement” concerning the most pertinent issues of our times - water:


Assigned pride of place at the coveted entrance spot of the show, The Tricky Box 5 - The Curious Indian Water Well is also the featured flagship work in curator Rob Garrett's essay about NZ Sculpture on Shore 10th Biennale 2014 : "Looking out, looking back and looking ahead".









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